Tuesday, November 14, 2017


By: Cynthia Eden

Published By: Avon Books

Released: Available Now

Details: Paperback from library, 361 Pages 


Blurb: Goodreads

In New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden's latest novel featuring the Last Option Search Team (LOST), one agent is forced to face her past as she uncovers secrets about the man who may be the key to her future.

Criminal psychologist Dr. Sarah Jacobs is all too familiar with the kind of bad boys who belong behind bars. But the dark, dangerous man she meets in the New Orleans underworld is a new kind of ruthless, and all too irresistible.

Jax Fontaine doesn't claim to be a good guy, but he's loyal to his own code and brutally honest about what he wants. He and Sarah may be worlds apart, but when they're skin to skin, nothing matters but the heat between them.

And when a deranged killer targets Sarah, Jax will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.


Giddy up! I totally dug this instalment.

Jax Fontaine.

Man, he gives me a lady boner. He is such a great character. He has depth and intrigue. He’s a little wild and scary. He is ultimately good, but he does cross the line when he needs to.

Jax is the best male lead in this series for me to date and Sarah is the best female lead. We see below the layers of both these characters. Sarah is no damsel-in-distress, she is a leading lady who is intelligent and has a past.

We are told Jax is the leader of a motorcycle gang, but I see no references to that within this series so far, other than being told. If we weren’t told that, I would simply think he is a guy who lives on the dark side, owns many properties in New Orleans and has scraped himself off the bottom of the bucket. He has clawed his way through life and become somebody who fights the system his way. In Twisted you see a seedier side to Jax. He has attitude. He still does in Shattered, but he plays a part, because the police only seem to want to know that side of him—to only believe in that side of him.

Now let’s talk villains. Cynthia got it right, for me anyway, in this book. She hides it well, doesn’t over enthusiastically try to push us towards other characters. This is the way I like it. Let me theorize without trying to force me to think who the killer or mastermind is.

Love the twist at the end.


I’m hoping Wade’s book up next will have some Jax in it and will be just as good. Wade is always popping up in this series, but I don’t really know him other than he does jump on assumptions a little, but he's always ready to dig in and help the team.

Worth reading this series in order, or else you will miss out on Jax’s entrance in Twisted and not get the Emma connection with Jax.

I have Torn in my hands ready to go.


By: Cynthia Eden
Published By: Avon Books
Released: Available Now
Details: Paperback from library, 361 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

In the second seductive LOST novel from New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden, an obsessed Last Option Search Team agent goes looking for trouble—and finds her in the Big Easy.
Dean Bannon comes to New Orleans for one reason only: to track down a missing sixteen-year-old girl. That's before he meets the drop-dead gorgeous con artist who makes him want to lose his legendary control.

With her past, Emma Castille doesn't claim to be psychic. She just notices things other people don't. Like the fear in a runaway's eyes—or the pain in an ex-FBI agent's heart. Her chemistry with Dean is blistering, but Emma follows her passion . . . not someone else's orders.

Then a madman breaks into Emma's home and leaves a twisted message: You're next. Now Dean refuses to let her out of his sight until he pries every last secret from her full, sexy lips. And suddenly Emma's aching to give him everything he wants.


Another instalment in the LOST series ( Last Option Search Team ) and I really enjoyed it. Even though the books are well over 300 pages long, they are the small books that are almost pocket books. This makes them a lot quicker reads than you would think looking at the page numbers.

Again with this series, I did find it a little too easy to work out who the villain was, mainly because if you pay attention, the author likes to make you think a certain way, that immediately has me going in the other direction. I am happy to say, book 3, Shattered, was not a predictable villain. It was virtually impossible to pick and I feel the author has learned how to now trick the reader. This is a good thing, because this is suspense romance genre, so we want to find it hard to pick the baddies.

Dean and Emma are great characters—but Jax Fontaine stole the show for me. When he was in the limelight…man, I loved reading him.

Cynthia has a wonderful talent for painting such visual scenes with her words and she doesn’t hold back on the stabby stabby.

Very pleased to see this series gets better and better.

Sunday, November 5, 2017


By: Deanna Chase
Published By: Bayou Moon Publishing
Released: Available Now CURRENTLY FREE
Details: Kindle purchase, 262 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

Jade loves her new apartment—until a ghost joins her in the shower!

When empath Jade Calhoun moves into an apartment above a strip bar on Bourbon Street, she expects life to get interesting. What she doesn't count on is making friends with an exotic dancer, attracting a powerful spirit, and developing feelings for Kane, her sexy landlord.

Being an empath has never been easy on Jade's relationships. It's no wonder she keeps her gift a secret. But when the ghost moves from spooking Jade to terrorizing Pyper, the dancer, it's up to Jade to use her unique ability to save her. Except she'll need Kane's help to do it—and he's betrayed her with a secret of his own. Can she find a way to trust him and herself before Pyper is lost?


This is my first foray into Deanna Chase’s written work. This book is lighter on plot and may appear at times a little rushed in areas that could have been fleshed out more, but I did still enjoy this first book and the characters, very much.

Jade is a very likable character and so is Kane, the sexy strip club owner. There is a great line-up of sub characters to fill the storyline and an interesting ghost situation.

What I really liked was reading about Jade’s other job as a glass bead making teacher. It was nice to see a really different job for a female lead as opposed to the bartender job that a lot of female leads seem to get given.

Throw in a villain and some violence and you have yourself a paranormal mystery/romance.

I am looking forward to continuing this series.

Book 1 is currently free on Amazon HERE.


By: Colleen Hoover
Published By: Atria Books
Released: Available Now
Details: Netgalley for honest review


Not every mistake deserves a consequence. Sometimes the only thing it deserves is forgiveness.

The Voss family is anything but normal. They live in a repurposed church, newly baptized Dollar Voss. The once cancer-stricken mother lives in the basement, the father is married to the mother’s former nurse, the little half-brother isn’t allowed to do or eat anything fun, and the eldest siblings are irritatingly perfect. Then, there’s Merit.

Merit Voss collects trophies she hasn’t earned and secrets her family forces her to keep. While browsing the local antiques shop for her next trophy, she finds Sagan. His wit and unapologetic idealism disarm and spark renewed life into her—until she discovers that he’s completely unavailable. Merit retreats deeper into herself, watching her family from the sidelines when she learns a secret that no trophy in the world can fix.

Fed up with the lies, Merit decides to shatter the happy family illusion that she’s never been a part of before leaving them behind for good. When her escape plan fails, Merit is forced to deal with the staggering consequences of telling the truth and losing the one boy she loves.


Gahhh! I have sat on my thoughts for weeks on this book.

Firstly: I am one hundred percent a Colleen Hoover fan.

Hell. Yeah!

Love her as a writer and as a person. She’s a good woman.

This review will be uber short, because it is probably a case of it’s me and not you when it comes to this book.

Gahhh! I had trouble. I felt depressed reading it. I just felt the things I didn’t want to feel and that was kinda sad for me, but that is okay. Readers are gonna either dig this book…or maybe feel like me. Each to their own. 

I totally understand what Colleen was writing and I get that she was writing something different. I do get all that.


I always write a review that is from my heart and this book was maybe not the book for me. And that is okay. Maybe it was because of what happened in my life in early 2016. That could be more the reason...maybe.


By: Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington
Published By: Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington
Released: Available Now
Details: Kindle purchase, 298 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

Willa Knight: Dweller. Slave. Non-magical being.

In Minatsol, being a dweller means that you are literally no better than dirt. In fact, dirt might actually be more useful than Willa. Her life will be one of servitude to the sols, the magic-blessed beings who could one day be chosen to become gods.

At least her outer village is far removed from the cities of the sols, and she won’t ever be forced to present herself to them... Until one small mistake changes everything, and Willa is awarded a position to serve at Blesswood, the top sol academy in the world—a position that she definitely did not earn.

Under the sudden, watchful eye of the gods, she will be tasked to serve the Abcurse brothers, five sols built of arrogance, perfection and power. They are almost gods themselves, and under their service she is either going to end up sentenced to death, or else they are going to ruin her so badly that she will wish for it.

Either way, she is in trouble. 


I really enjoyed this first installment in the Curse of the Gods series. Willa is quite the clumsy character and the five sols (brothers) are great characters.

The thing with Willa, don’t confuse being overly clumsy with being dumb, because she is far from dumb. Enormously clumsy—yes. Dumb—no.

Trickery is very entertaining and light fantasy. This I enjoyed.

The more you read, the more you learn about Willa and the more you will learn about the five brothers who are all stars in their own right even when there are twins and triplets making up this group of sols.

The last one. He looked just like Coen, the pain-gifted sol who had tried to kill me. They both appeared slightly older than the other three: Yael, the persuasion-gifted one; Siret, the trickery-gifted one; and Aros, the one who apparently had some kind of seduction gift.

A great chemistry grows between Willa and her sols, which has you giggling as you read.

“What are you doing in the male dorm?”

“Exploring my sexuality.” I leaned against the cart, propping my elbow, wiping my expression into something neutral. “How am I doing?”

“I can see your nipples. Your shirt’s wet.”

Emmy is the best friend/sidekick, even though Willa herself seems a bit of a sidekick to the sols, sometimes.

“I’m sick of them. I never want to see them again. Except Aros; he smells nice. And Rome, because he’s so strong. I’m pretty sure not even Rau can get past him. I don’t need the others. Except Siret. I’m pretty sure he hates me, but he’s really good at catching me like just before I face-plant into something. But the others, I don’t need them. Not at all.” I paused, my brow furrowing, my mouth pursing, and then I quickly blurted, “Except Coen and Yael. Coen is really good at making decisions, and if I leave out Yael he’ll probably hunt me the hell down and haunt me—”

That’s all of them,” Emmy interrupted smoothly. She didn’t sound panicked anymore. Now she sounded like she was trying not to laugh.

A lot of wit is spread throughout this book, making it a very enjoyable read.

“How the hell have you stayed alive this long?” he asked. 

I shrugged, trying to catch my breath. “No idea, it’s been a rough road.”

I am looking forward to Persuasion # 2, which is released. The cover art is so beautiful.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


By: Cynthia Eden
Published By: Avon Books
Released : Available Now
Details: Paperback from library , 348 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

The first novel in New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden's sizzling LOST series introduces the Last Option Search Team, an elite unit that must protect the only surviving victim of a serial killer.

Ex-SEAL and LOST founder Gabe Spencer is accustomed to the unusual in his job. But when knockout Eve Gray steps into his office, he's rattled. For the mysterious woman is a dead ringer for the heiress thought to be the latest prey of the serial killer who goes by the name Lady Killer.

When Eve awoke in an Atlanta hospital, her past was a blank slate. Then she recognized her own face in the newspaper and vowed to learn the truth. Determined to confront the nightmares hidden in her mind, she never expects to find a partner in Gabe.

As Gabe and Eve work together, their explosive attraction becomes irresistible. Gabe knows that his desire for Eve is growing too strong, bordering on a dangerous obsession, but nothing pulls him away from her. And when another Eve lookalike disappears, Gabe vows to protect Eve at all costs. While Eve may have forgotten the killer in her past, it's clear he hasn't forgotten her.

This is my first Cynthia Eden read and I really enjoyed this suspense romance.

The characters are likable and we are introduced to intelligent men and women who work for Gabe under the title Last Option Search Team aka LOST.

I like this whole concept with Gabe putting a team together who work to find the people who have been lost to the system.

Eve walks into Gabe’s office and he takes her case and he also takes a lot more than that. *waggles eyebrows*

Enter Wade, Sarah, Victoria and Dean and you have a great line-up of characters.

The who-dunnit was kinda easy to spot fairly early into the plot. You have a fairly large suspicion, but that is okay. The villain was very creepy. I really liked all the descriptive. Visually I could see the picture painted very clearly in my mind while reading and the plot is very gritty. 

I am ├╝ber ready for Twisted # 2.

Thursday, October 26, 2017


By: Kristen Ashley
Published By: Kristen Ashley
Released: Available Now
Details: Kindle purchase, 664 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

Tanner Layne and Raquel Merrick fell in love young, hard and fast and both of them knew a beautiful life they thought would be forever.

Until Rocky left Layne, no explanation, no going back.

Layne escapes The ‘Burg only to come back years later because his ex-wife has hooked herself to the town jerk and Layne needs to make sure his sons get raised right. Layne manages to avoid Rocky but when Layne gets three bullets drilled into him while investigating a dirty cop, he can’t do that because Rocky stops avoiding Layne. They make a deal to work together to expose the dirty cop but they have no idea the strength of their enduring attraction or the sheer evil at work in The ‘Burg.

As Tanner Layne and Raquel Merrick play their game and dance around the pull that draws them together, Layne has to discover the dark secrets buried so deep in Rocky’s heart she doesn’t even know they’re there at the same time untangle a sinister web of crime so abhorrent it has to be stopped... at all costs.

And to do it, Layne has to enlist everyone, including his ex-CIA mentor, Rocky’s detective brother, the town’s unpredictable informant and Layne’s two teenage sons all the while stopping Rocky from doing something crazy and keeping their game secret so Layne won't get himself dead.


“Wounds to the flesh hurt but they heal fast. Wounds to the soul never go away. It’s how we cope with a pain that never dies that makes us the people we are. Daily, people demonstrate acts of courage just so they can get through the night.”

So without rehashing the story, in true KA style we have the alpha male lead, Tanner Layne—but he hates the name Tanner—and we have Rocky—who left him eighteen years earlier, and they reunite.

Let the sexiness, alpha-erm-ness and more sexiness begin.

Layne has two sons: Jasper and Tripp. He has a relationship with them to rebuild and I really liked watching this happen. Jasper was a bit harder to break through to, but he came around.

Jasper and Tripp will truly be something when they get older. I feel a bit cougarish and a bit wrong thinking about them at their age now. Let these lads mature like a fine KA alpha.

Rocky is a great female lead. She is a really cool teacher, but she has some cobwebs in her closet that forced her to leave her true love—Layne.

There is of course the villain and a creepy sidekick. Throw in Ryker who sounds kinda scary, but he loves his woman and her daughter, so he goes all out to insert himself into Layne’s life and assist with the shit that is going down at the local church youth group.

Another great KA installment, although sometimes I feel these books could be many pages shorter due to a little repetitive dialogue.

Ty, Luke and Tack still have my heart, but I am still looking to add to this line-up of my #faveKAmen .


By: Sedona Venez
Published By: One Wish Publishing
Released: Available Now
Details: Kindle purchase currently FREE , 254 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

A fae witch, a rock star, and a passionate paranormal affair…

Stormy is cursed. If the fae witch ever finds true love, the man is sure to die a terrible death. Five years ago, she left her sexy rock star of a boyfriend Knox to save his life.

When her escort service for paranormals puts her face to face with Knox again, her passion grows like never before. Can she possibly keep it together when Knox insists that she be his escort? Will her curse make it all fall apart?

Breaking the Storm is the first book in the Credence Curse Saga, a series of adventure-packed shifter romance tales. If you like dark magic, powerful women, steamy love scenes, heart-pounding romance, and piles of sexy shifter secrets, then you'll love the latest romp from author Sedona Venez.


This book caught my eye when I was randomly scrolling about on Amazon a few days ago. I picked it up for #free and it still is free.

I really liked the prologue and I was fascinated to know more, but that is where that ends and the first chapter rolls forward to ‘Centuries Later’. We do get a teeny bit more near end of book.

Now I thought I had this whole Credence Curse worked out in my head…but then maybe not.

In our defense, we’d had no choice. Humans were our last resort for the continuance of the Credence bloodline. The magic in our fae blood bound us to expose ourselves as Others to any human we loved, or we’d be risking our death. It was a double-edged sword that gave us a chance to love and be loved. A chance at happiness, but it would be ruthlessly stripped away by death of any man we’d loved.

Okay so I thought I got that under my belt when I was reading the prologue, but then by the end of the book—I don’t think I got it, because of Knox. Rock star Knox.

You see, Stormy aka Storm leaves him as she believes he is human, for fear of his death, but later…even though she still thinks he’s human… (scratches head a little) I may have totally missed something. I was concentrating hard.

I really liked the whole world building of this book. It was interesting. What let me down was how dumb Storm was over one thing and only one thing. 

This is the most frustrating thing about this story. OMG! Storm is a very intelligent woman, runs a business and comes across very smart…except for this one thing.

She knows Ryker is head of the Other Council and he is a wolf shifter. He knows Storm and Light are fae-witch. Ryker’s bodyguard dudes know what each other is—but…

GAHHHH! The frustration of continuing to read while this dumbness went on, was hard and eye roll worthy. It was selective dumbness. I was banging my head on a table (inside my head) when continually reading this. She could pick out every other Other, but not Knox.


I know it was easier for the author to write it this way to fit in with her story…but it was not for the reader. So many freakin’ hints are dropped for the reader and Storm, but Storm is totally oblivious.


Then there is the BDSM part of the story. I read BDSM and this was hot sex. Research needed to be done on what is BDSM. Telling Storm what to wear and being a little bossy is not BDSM.

Being an alpha male character does not make you a dom.

I did enjoy this story, and for those that have no idea about BDSM, then cool, you will be happy reading these sex scenes. 

What I really wanted from this story was to know Knox more. He really is a great character. There is like a five year gap between the last time they saw each other and then all of a sudden it is this BDSM and I am dom and you are sub stuff. I needed a bit of fleshing out. It felt very random to insert this without a build-up of some kind.

There was the curse and another side story going on. There was a death and a nosy reporter. I needed those parts given more time, too.

This was a good start to this series, but I felt there where plot jumps that needed care and also fleshing out of characters.

Lightening aka Light was a great character. I really like her and I do like Storm, Knox and Ryker, but I wanted more than maybe the emphasis being on the so called BDSM parts. Give me the sex, but give me the fleshed out story too.

Some readers will be more than happy the way it is written from cover to cover, but I needed more. I did really like the overall world building and the kinda zany mother and aunt.

Harper is a really great character too, written very well. There were so many things to like about Breaking The Storm. I kinda want to shove it back into an editing process and context proofreading process. I have looked at many of the reviews on Goodreads to see if I was the only one…and I’m not. I feel my review is very fair.

I am looking forward to Ryker and Light's story, because those two were great in this book.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


By: Janet Evanovich
Published By: Headline
Released : Available Now
Details: Paperback find from local OP shop, 312 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

Unbuckle your belt and pull up a chair. It's the spiciest, sauciest, most rib-sticking Plum yet.

Recipe for disaster: Celebrity chef Stanley Chipotle comes to Trenton in a barbecue cookoff and loses his head - literally.

Throw in some spice: Bail bonds office worker Lula is witness to the crime, and the only one she'll talk to is Trenton cop Joe Morelli.

Pump up the heat: Chipotle's sponsor is offering a million-dollar reward to anyone who can provide information leading to the capture of the killers.

Stir the pot: Lula recruits bounty hunter Stephanie Plum to help find he killer and collect the moolah.

Add a secret ingredient: Stephanie Plum's Grandma Mazur. Enough said.

Bring to a boil: Stephanie Plum is working overtime tracking felons for the bonds office at night and snooping for security expert Carlos Manoso, aka Ranger, during the day. Can Stephanie hunt down two killers, a traitor, and five skips, keep her grandmother out of the sauce, and solve Ranger's problems and not jump his bones?

Warning: Habenero hot. So good you'll want seconds.


I have made it this far.

15! Steph Plum books under my belt.

I am #addicted.

I can’t seem to stop, even though they can be frustrating to read, I simply gotta keep reading.

Same shit goes on: Lula is up to her antics, this time with some madcap barbecue scheme. Steph is back working with Ranger on something he could do himself. But she is in his bed in a purely platonic way, and that is something. #teamranger

No new growth. Joe is Joe. Ranger is Ranger… Babe. Grandma Mazur…is the same. The villain is pretty much predictable.


I do laugh, even though some of them are boiling down to fart jokes. I fart. I admit it, but eh, it felt like scraping the bucket to get a laugh. But I laughed. Lula is simply a character we have grown to know is the butt of Janet’s jokes. (pun intended)

I do want some growly manly stuff to be upping the stakes a little, but we get a lot of ‘Babe’ from Ranger and a lot of racing to the scene from Joe after he hears about another situation Steph is in.

Cars get blown up. I find I am looking forward to the moment. Is that bad?

Very much poolside reads for me, but I do want more growth. I am beginning to crave it.

I don’t mind the love triangle stretching out, but I want there to be more oomph in it rather than this predictable surface writing we are getting.

I have my last OP shop find in #16 and have already lined #17 up at the library. The Kindle prices are a bit rich for me at $9.37US. I got 9 paperbacks from OP shop for $12 buckeroos AUD. Trust me I will pay big bucks for paperbacks and ebooks, but I find that these are very predictable reads, so I will library the rest. I think maybe the publisher got a bit ahead of themselves charging those prices.

Anyhoo…onto the next!


By: Nora Roberts
Published By: Piatkus
Released: Available Now
Details: Paperback from library, 484 Pages

RATING: 3.75 - 4 STARS!

Blurb: Goodreads

For more than three hundred years, Bluff House has sat above Whiskey Beach, guarding its shore - and its secrets.

To summer tourists, it's the crown jewel of the town's stunning scenery. To the residents of Whiskey Beach, it's landmark and legend. To Eli Landon, it's home...

A Boston lawyer, Eli has weathered an intense year of public scrutiny and police investigation after being accused of murdering his soon-to-be ex-wife. And though there was never enough evidence to have him arrested, his reputation is in tatters as well as his soul. He need sanctuary. He needs Bluff House.

While Eli's beloved grandmother is in Boston, recuperating from a nasty fall, Abra Walsh has cared for Bluff House, among her other jobs as yoga instructor, jewelry maker, and massage therapist. She is a woman with an open heart and a wide embrace, and no one is safe from her special, some would say over-bearing, brand of nurturing - including Eli.

He begins to count on Abra for far more than her cooking, cleaning, and massage skills, and starts to feel less like a victim - and more like the kind of man who can finally solve the murder of his wife and clear his name. But Bluff House's many mysteries are a siren song to someone intent on destroying Eli and reaping the rewards. He and Abra will become entangled in a centuries-old net of rumors and half-truths that could pull them under the thunderous waters of Whiskey Beach...

Passion and obsession, humor and heart flow together in a novel about two people opening themselves up to the truth - and to each other.


I have just finished this whopping huge book. My very FIRST read by Nora Roberts, although I do read her as J.D. Robb. ( In Death series)

I have read 4 books to-date in the In Death series and adore J.D. Robb’s writing aka Nora Roberts. So I decided to pick me up a random read of Nora’s, which happened to be Whiskey Beach.

I gotta say—and I know Nora is like the queen of writing—but this book didn’t do her queen status justice…for me. This is just my personal reading experience.

I found the book far toooooooo long. I love a long read, but in this case I became a little bit bored and that is not good. It took me a lot longer to read this book than a JR Ward whopping thick read. I devour the In Death books in a day, but this book took me a week.

I originally liked Abra Walsh’s character, but the more I read her, the more she made me feel like the woman was a total superstar at everything she put her hand to. She was the perfect woman—even though her past wasn’t. She kinda grated on my reader nerves. She’s the first character I have read like this and it was a bit hard to read her, sometimes. I understand what Nora was doing, and she wanted to show us a self assured, strong woman who took the reins…but it came off differently for me. I loved she was a yoga instructor and I actually want to take yoga back up because of Abra, but then she was good at every darn thing and then more and other things.

Eli Landon…I couldn’t connect as well as I hoped with him as a character. I wanted to. He felt quite flat to me. 

The pacing was quite slow and I think that could have been remedied by tightening up the story by culling at least a hundred pages. Other readers might be perfectly happy the way it is, but for me, I found this a difficult book to finish.

This experience won’t stop me reading more Nora Roberts, I have The Obsession in my hands to read next. Another random pick from the library.

But I might just take a weee break first before cracking it open.